Animoca Brands, a well-known blockchain gaming company, has successfully raised $1.5 million in a seed round to develop a decentralized chess game called Anichess. The funding round received support from prominent investors, including GameFi Ventures, The Operating Group, Koda Capital, Bing Ventures, 708 Capital, and Asymmetry Capital. 

This capital infusion will be used to expand the team and advance game development in preparation for the alpha launch which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

Anichess is a collaborative effort of Animoca Brands and’s Play Magnus Group (PMG), along with its Champions Chess Tour. The game aims to be community-driven and free-to-play, providing players with new strategic dimensions through the use of magical spells. 

The game combines the fundamental rules of traditional chess with a unique “spell mechanic” that introduces offensive, defensive, and counter-tactics. Additionally, various challenges will be incorporated to create an esports-like experience.

With over 100 million registered players,, which acquired PMG in December, is a well-established platform. Grant Lee, the Chief Strategy Officer of, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Animoca Brands. He emphasized that the partnership will provide top players and influencers with an exciting and distinct chess experience. 

The collaboration aligns with the shared objective of growing the game by presenting chess in innovative ways to diverse audiences. Hence, the partnership represents a significant step in revolutionizing the chess gaming experience. 

Anichess raised an important funding.

By leveraging blockchain technology and introducing novel gameplay mechanics, Anichess aims to attract both chess enthusiasts and newcomers. The infusion of funds from notable investors highlights the confidence in the game and its potential to captivate the gaming community.

The upcoming alpha launch of Anichess in early 2024 holds promise for players seeking an immersive and strategic chess experience. Anichess’ community-driven approach and integration of magical spells offer a refreshing take on the timeless game of chess.