Worldwide Webb raised 10 million dollars, and the money will make happy members of gaming and NFT communities!

About Worldwide Webb

Launched by Thomas Webb in 2020, Worldwide Webb is an interoperable multiplayer online avatar game that involves roleplaying. In the game, NFTs from multiple blockchains can be used as avatars, and players can engage each other in raids, battles, and adventures. 

The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and, in it, players can purchase digital plots of land as NFTs. 

About the Funding 

The Series A funding round was from crypto investment firm Pantera Capital and will be channeled towards hiring the best talent, partnering with brands and intellectual-property holders, as well as incorporating more NFT collections into the game.

In addition to hiring more hands, expanding the game and fostering meaningful partnerships are wanted. Furthermore, Worldwide Webb plans to roll out an online browser game in the coming weeks! 

The online browser game, titled Blockbusterz, is also NFT-based and allows players to compete with each other. Those who win more battles will be able to mint more NFTs, and Worldwide Webb will be able to collaborate with more brands into its growing network.

Worldwide Webb founder and CEO Thomas Webb commented that the company will not only be integrating NFTs into its digital ecosystem but also it will bring their IP into the Webb universe where players can use them in quotes, boss fights, and other items.

From the tweets on the company Twitter account, it seems like this is just the beginning of the amazing things we’d be expecting from Worldwide Webb. So, we’d be on the lookout for more!