A 3D metaverse banking solution for small businesses has now been introduced by Woori Bank. The giant of Korean commercial banking is the latest financial institution offering metaverse experiences.

Thanks to Metaverse, businesses can offer rich 3D experiences, including gaming, trading, education, and virtual events. One of the businesses is the institutions in the field of banking, and a lot of banks try to adopt the digital world to develop their standard services and understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies and Metaverse. 

Woori Bank’s Metaverse Experience

One of Korea’s four largest commercial and corporate banking organizations, Woori, is reportedly planning to provide its employees with 3D virtual training services in the metaverse.

The upgraded Woori Metabranch 2D banking service is now available as a fully immersive 3D experience, and it is referred to as the new metaverse service. The bank stated that staff can receive training and lectures from invited professionals virtually. 

The startup metaverse banking service by Woori Bank will provide connections on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Users will be able to telecommunicate with the head of the center about government-subsidized loans, commercial district, and location analysis and support for establishing various business plans. The bank stated the details in a press release on Friday. The service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Through a local project known as Moim, the metaverse platform of Grid Inc., the bank will offer two services: One is used for engagement with small business owners, and the other one is utilized for the education of its employees.

Woori Bank stated that they would provide various services so that customers can experience them through various mediums, such as XR (extended reality) devices. Woori Bank plans to officially launch the metaverse service in the first half of this year by reflecting user feedback.