The Venom Foundation has recently announced a new partnership with DAO Maker to incubate Web3 startups that are focused on real-world use cases. As a blockchain growth solutions provider, DAO Maker will actively help develop the Venom ecosystem and support the projects in the Web3 space. 

About Venom

Venom is a blockchain that operates as a layer-1, it is licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market, which has the authority to issue utility tokens under the jurisdiction of ADGM, making it the first of its kind in the world. Various companies have created a range of decentralized applications and protocols on the Venom blockchain, which could potentially serve as a gateway for the acceptance of central bank digital currencies globally, as well as in the Middle East and North Africa.

About DAO Maker

DAO Maker’s goal is to mitigate investors’ risks by providing startups with growth technologies and reliable funding frameworks. Its services include solutions for incubating communities, fundraising, and developing tokenized businesses that contribute to growth.

Active Incubation of New Projects

The partnership between the two companies will help to incubate new projects through the Venom launchpad, providing bright Web3 projects and developer teams with the resources, guidance, and exposure they need to succeed. This partnership is a clear demonstration of Venom’s and DAO Maker’s desire for making innovations and directing promising projects in the Web3 space. 

Integration of Venom Blockchain and Venom Wallet

The collaboration involves incorporating the Venom blockchain and Venom wallet into DAO Maker’s launchpad, which will offer more resources and tools for startups to create thriving businesses. Furthermore, Christoph Zaknun, the CEO of DAO Maker, will act as an advisor to the Venom Foundation team, providing valuable insights and knowledge to Venom. The partnership showcases the collective experience of both DAO Maker and Venom Foundation in assisting startups with strategic planning, marketing, and brand building in various fields.