Decentralized NFT marketplace, SuperRare, is working on launching its Rarepass: Genesis. In a groundbreaking idea, they are preparing a unique NFT set that provides a year-long crypto art experience. The pass will include monthly drops from a list of recognizable artists in SuperRare. Each holder will also be airdropped with a total of 24 artworks. A maximum of 250 holders will receive curated crypto art in a subscription-like service.

The year-long experience will supply its pass holders with one airdrop per month. Twelve artists will each create a series of 250 unique pieces. These include significant artists, such as XCOPY, Pindar Van Arman, Other World, Coldie, and others. According to Olney (COO of SuperRare Labs), the collections will reflect the beginning of a new era for each of the previous artists who were chosen by its curation team. 

Selected pass holders will also receive an additional three artworks by 12 “Special Release Artists” each month. The distribution of said artworks will be random to sort of gamify the experience.

These include important artists, such as ALIENQUEEN, Botto, DieWithTheMostLikes, Drift, Killer Acid, MadMaraca, omentejovem, and others. RarePass holders will be a part of a private, art loving community.

The RarePass will first launch on SuperRare’s website as a 24-hour auction on the 15th of November at 10 am EST.  The company says it would rather have the people decide the worth of the art collection’s pass, allowing the winning bid to determine the starting price of the dutch auction on November 16 at 1 pm EST. 

“We don’t want SuperRare to just arbitrarily come up with a number of what we think it’s worth.” Yanger, the senior vice president of SuperRare Labs, said. “We really want the community to decide the pricing of the pass.”

Potential buyers may use ETH or USD to purchase a pass.

Ever since the crypto winter started, NFT prices have been slopping, enticing creators and marketplaces to innovate new ideas and ways for NFTs to reach a bigger audience.

SuperRare is one of those big marketplaces seeking to grow even larger. The marketplace has transacted upwards of $280 million in sales, with a big chunk of it gained from the platform’s artists through royalties.

SuperRare had a skyrocketing monthly NFT volume in October 2021 that hit a peak of $37 million dollars. In October 2022, on the contrary, had only a $4 million NFT volume.