The Sandbox has launched a new staking pool, run on the polygon network, reserved solely for LAND owners, in which owners will get high APR rewards in exchange for staking their SAND.

250000 SAND will be rewarded per week for the first twelve weeks. However, The cap for each LAND is set to 500 SAND; accordingly, the more LAND you own, the more SAND you can stake. The earnings can be collected once a week, and the best part is that you don’t have to risk your LAND in the smart contract. Every contribution will be updated for each transfer through the tool The SandBox has developed, which detects and tracks LAND transfers. That’ll allow you to enjoy the benefits of being a LAND owner while still staking SAND.

Following the introduction of the LAND multiplier on the SAND staking program, The Sandbox proudly introduced this new mechanism to empower their LAND owners on Sep 22, 2022. If owning a piece of the metaverse isn’t enough, being a LAND owner means that you get to represent a big part of a vibrant community co-creating the future of entertainment and culture.

If you’re a LAND owner, this is the address you need to start staking your LAND. You may also benefit from other betting programs already launched, such as Stake SAND and Stake MATIC/SAND.

You can easily buy one or more LAND on Opensea if you still don’t own any and are interested in participating in the staking program, or wait until one of the future LAND sales. Make sure you take your time and do your research before investing in any staking pools. Keep in mind that the value of the currencies you stake can fluctuate and if you find these risks suitable for you, always make sure you are on before proceeding to any staking action within the SandBox to avoid getting scammed.

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