Pepecoin is a meme coin based on the meme ‘’Pepe’’. It boasts of a market capitalization of over $1 billion! The meme coin was recently listed on Binance innovation zone.

With so many milestones in its short time, no doubt everyone would love to be in the shoes of its creator. Sadly, Pepecoin is not affiliated with Matt Furie, the creator of the frog, Pepe.

Matt Furie does not know Pepecoin’s fame; in an interview with Mike Three, he thought Pepecoin was affiliated to Dogecoin. 

Perhaps Matt has always feared that Pepe would turn into what he didn’t create. Could that be why he produced a documentary about it? It’s titled Feels Good Man and won the best visual artist at the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s 20th annual Goldie awards. The film is about Furie’s campaign to retake control of Pepe from people who are using the image for their own agenda.

The documentary about Pepe

Matt Furie seems to dislike the idea of Pepe in the blockchain world. He has a history of taking action on any attempt at his using Pepe for things like that. This could mean a lawsuit for Pepecoin creators. Interestingly, the creators have remained anonymous. 

Previously, Matt filed a complaint to resist Pepe’s usage as NFTs. This move led to the deletion of the Sad Frogs District Project on OpenSea after attaining $7 million in trading volume. In 2017, Furie was forced to kill off the character, Pepe, after it was used by the Daily Stormer.

Yet, Pepe is one character that many people love. In April this year, it stormed the blockchain world anonymously as a meme coin with the vision to make meme coins great again.

After Pepecoin’s 350% surge in April, it called itself the most “memeable meme coin”. 

One time, Pepecoin was rumoured to be getting ready for an airdrop. However, the meme coin’s official handle denied the claims. Pepecoin said it would never have an airdrop. It asked fans to be wary of “airdrop scammers” and safeguard their money and digital assets.

Pepecoin launched Pepe Palace, a token for holders that can be accessed via Collab.Land and a $PEPE wallet.