The Opera Crypto Browser is designed to make it easier for users to dive into the world of blockchain and NFTs. With the partnership with Alteon, users can easily upload media files and turn them into NFTs. This feature is particularly useful for those who are new to the NFT space, as it provides an easy and straightforward way to create NFTs. It also makes the process of creating NFTs much faster and more convenient.

The Alteon LaunchPad enables users to explore the world of NFTs, from the comfort of their own browser. With an intuitive dashboard, users can search hundreds of NFTs and easily create their own. They can browse trending NFTs, view their portfolios, and keep track of their progress. Additionally, the LaunchPad provides a range of tutorials and resources to help users for understanding the basics of NFTs and the Web3 ecosystem. 

Users gain a simpler way to create, explore, and transact with NFTs

By using the Alteon LaunchPad, users gain access to a simplified yet powerful solution to create, explore, and transact with NFTs. This makes it easier to discover and showcase the potential of the Web3 economy and opens the doors to anyone interested in becoming part of the NFT revolution.

Susie Batt, Opera Crypto Ecosystem’s lead, stated:

“Opera Crypto Browser is all about exploring Web3 in private and securely. With Alteon LaunchPad, we enable users to freely contribute to this ecosystem. Our users will now be able to create NFTs instantly and easily, with no platform usage fees, encouraging more people to participate in the burgeoning NFT industry.”

With the integration of Alteon LaunchPad, Opera Crypto Browser is helping to usher in a new era of Web3 exploration and creativity. The integration of Alteon LaunchPad into Opera Crypto Browser further strengthens Opera’s commitment to the Web3 space and its mission to make Web3 more accessible to everyone.