Imagine this, you are walking to the birthday party of your weird friend that likes NFTs, and suddenly you remember that you don´t have a birthday gift. What should you do? Well, the solution is simple, if you are in London, you will be able to buy your friend an NFT from a vending machine, what´s more accessible than that?

myNFT, a low-cost multichain NFT marketplace, will launch the first NFT vending machine in Europe that will be available at the NFT.London conference from November 2nd to the 4th of 2022. 

That´s right, to celebrate the launch of the platform the marketplace decided to implement this idea during the conference. With it, people will be able to purchase an NFT in a matter of seconds without even having to own a digital wallet. 

The featured NFTs will be from myNFT´s inaugural collection, users will be free to show off their new acquisition to their friends or trade it with them. myNFT’s first collection will include a variety of iconic NFTs, created by brands including Dr. Who Worlds Apart, Thunderbirds, Delft Blue Night Watch, and more.

The cost of the NFT will be £10 and people will be able to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and tons of other methods. The proceeds from the vending machine will be given to two charities, Giveth and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.  

The physical NFT vending machine will be located outside the conference venue of NFT.London, at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre. This implies that the vending machine will be accessible to everyone, there is no need to attend the event to make yourself up with a maximum of five NFTs. 

About NFT London

NFT London is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Organized by NFT NYC, it is a conference that aims to give a voice to the growing NFT community. It has been supported by the most innovative brand and projects in the NFT ecosystem, highlighting local builders and bringing the international community together.