Web3 developers and entrepreneurs intending to create applications for the platform of Lisk can now apply for grants worth up to 270,000 Swiss francs ($250,000) through Lisk’s accelerator program!

Lisk wants to partner with startups who are interested in establishing Web3 projects over a multi-year period, with a focus on those developing app-specific blockchain technologies.

Lisk Javascript Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Javascript software development kit (SDK) is meant to aid programmers in making their own Lisk-compatible sidechains. The objective of sidechains is to boost the transaction capacity while maintaining the speed and reliability of the main blockchain.

As each program has its own blockchain, customization options are essentially limitless. The development of Lisk’s tech stack will be encouraged by its accelerator program, and it will additionally encourage Web3 innovation.

The program will offer firms guidance, finance, networking, and marketing alternatives for those who have been accepted. 

There are four stages of the funding:

Bootstrap Grant: A grant of 4,000 CHF is offered for startups who have not yet created a proof-of-concept by using the Lisk SDK. Teams will be able to do this and fulfill the requirements for the accelerated program.

Builder Grant: A Web3 app can be built for 65,000 CHF with the help of the Lisk ecosystem team, access to sources of knowledge, the founders’ network, and tokenomics specialists.

Booster Grant: After finishing its testnet phase successfully, this award can offer 85,000 CHF in financing, access to help with UX/UI, advice on how to make an investor pitch, and one-on-one coaching.

Breakout Grant: Teams are eligible to apply for the last 100,000 CHF in funding to help them move forward when they have released their app, show their product is market fit, and are prepared to scale.

The first phase of the program is open, and the phase will continue until the end of June. Then, the second phase will be launched from September 1 to November 30.

About Lisk

Lisk is an open-source Web3 application platform that helps developers to make Javascript-based decentralized applications(dApp), distribute them, and make them profitable.

LSK is the main cryptocurrency of the Lisk blockchain network, and LSK holders can vote or delegate by staking their LSKs. 

A lot of developers think that creating blockchain applications is very difficult and complicated, but Lisk eliminates the thought. The platform makes processes in the development of a blockchain app easy with a set of tools.