If you are a technology lover, you should consider an amazing three-day event called Istanbul Tech Week’22! As a media partner of Istanbul Tech Week, we want to explain the details of the event in the news.

What is Istanbul Tech Week?

Istanbul Tech Week is an event in which participants get the chance of learning and following the most up-to-date technological tendencies! Also, the event gathers the business world and technology world together. In the past 2 years, 30 thousand participants joined in Istanbul Tech Week for getting network opportunities with top executives, startups, academicians, and technology providers.

Istanbul Tech Week’22 will be held on November 2-3-4, and the event venue will be Zorlu Performing Arts Center in Istanbul, Turkey. The city is the heart of Turkey, and it is one of Turkey’s leading regions in the field of technology, so the city is selected for the event.

The event is organized by Smartcon, and the goal of the event is to implement a regional formation that includes all the players in the technology ecosystem. The technology-oriented event has rich content and presents local and global speakers from the field. Thanks to the content and speakers of Istanbul Tech Week, participants will get the chance of discovering new experiences with the technology ecosystem.

The advantages of being a participant in Istanbul Tech Week

If you consider participating in Istanbul Tech Week, you can contribute to the support of the perception that Istanbul (and Turkey) is one of the leading regions in the field of technology. Furthermore, you can listen to the global and local technology vision and follow the developments in technology effectively. Also, you can encounter an environment in which new solutions to real business problems are developed with technology and common sense.

In addition to the above-mentioning, Istanbul Tech Week enables young people to access technology-oriented career opportunities, and it contributes to the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey. Moreover, we can mention that the event makes it possible for participants to access special discounts, campaigns, opportunities, and content.

What awaits you in Istanbul Tech Week?

There will 6 different stages that will cover local and global specialists from the field.

The stages are called Smartcon, Fintech, Investment and Entrepreneurship, Web 3.0, Technology for Sustainability, and Cloud Computing. In these stages, innovative ideas and practices will be shared with the participants.

During Istanbul Tech Week, the participants get the chance of listening to Phil Sham from Aquanow, Nathan Batchelor from SIMETRI Research, Alemşah Öztürk from AKQA Group Turkey and Ogilvy&Grey, and Jakob Foerster from Oxford University. In addition to the inspirational names, there will be other successful speakers who want to share their values, beliefs, and opinions about the field at the event!

If you want to understand the new world which is shaping with various technological developments, such as cloud computing, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, you should not miss Istanbul Tech Week! You can reach the details about tickets for the event via the link.

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