Eyeball Games, the Singapore-based studio renowned for their popular game 8 Ball Pool, has recently teamed up with Immutable, a leading Web3 gaming platform. 

The collaboration aims to introduce Eyeball Pool, a groundbreaking mobile pool game, as one of the flagship titles on Immutable’s new zKEVM platform.

With 8 Ball Pool having more than 1 billion downloads and winning a Guinness World Record for being the most downloaded mobile pool game, Eyeball Games has a solid base to expand upon. 

The studio, in collaboration with Immutable, seeks to harness blockchain technology to provide players with total control of their digital assets and an improved gaming experience on platforms with more than 10 million daily active users.

Eyeball Games hopes to expedite the game production process by collaborating with Immutable and utilizing their API-based infrastructure, which will cut down on the time and expenses involved in producing new games. 

A number of games will be released on the recently unveiled Immutable zkEVM platform as a result of the partnership. Through the use of smart contracts, this cutting-edge platform enables developers to incorporate sophisticated trade and gaming dynamics.

The CEO of Eyeball Games, Jonathan Ivarsson, expressed his excitement about working with Immutable’s dedicated gaming environment, highlighting the platform’s dedication to enhancing developer tools, publishing options, and overall gaming infrastructure. He thinks that they can reinvent the pool gaming experience with Immutable’s help.

Earlier this year, Eyeball Pool saw the Balldroids Gen 0 version of their genesis NFTs sell out in 30 minutes. Eyeball Games is extending the NFT series with the launch of Balldroid Gen 1, which will act as an early access pass for the game to accommodate users who missed the first release.

Final Words

In the development of pool gaming, the partnership between Eyeball Games and Immutable is a crucial turning point. When Eyeball Pool starts in early 2024, it hopes to give players an immersive and thrilling experience by using blockchain technology and enabling complete asset ownership. 

The collaboration between these two market giants paves the way for future iterative and player-focused gaming environments in the Web3 environment.