Immutable partners with Gadget-Bot to develop a Web3 game, titled ‘’Kaidro’’, which depends on a sci-fi universe for over a decade. 

Peggy Chung and Robert Simons, the veterans of Call of Duty and Apex Legends and co-founders of Gadget-Bot, are building the game. They believe that Web3 is the obvious next step for their sizable community. The two are more than just visual storytellers and creative producers, so we can wait for an amazing Web3 game!

They previously raised money on Kickstarter to support the creation of Kaidro  and used that money to publish a collection of actual graphic novels based on the Webtoons comics that have had over 1.6 million views and a 9.6-star rating.

A Sci-fi Universe: Kaidro

The story of Kaidro takes place in a world after the apocalypse where a faction of mech-wielding soldiers fight against a group of magicians. Three teams of three players must complete different tasks on maps while fending off hostile teams. This game combines player-versus-player, player-versus-environment, and more complex questing techniques. The PC version of the game will be released first, followed by the version for mobile devices.

Each NFT in the game will let the owner have an avatar from a particular clan. Also, the NFTs will offer a distinct character background that allows players to gain access to items that match the character they hold.

In the game, players will make use of cloning, a new interesting element in NFT. The ability to sell skins to other players via cloning will benefit players while playing the game.

Kaidro will be produced by Gadget-Bot and Immutable.

Immutable’s Role in the Game

Immutable will offer necessary tools to make this amazing storytelling experience accessible. Users can trade Kaidro NFTs gas-free, at breakneck speeds, and without jeopardizing the security of their digital assets, thanks to Immutable’s state-of-the-art ZK-rollup technology. In addition to the unmatched scale, Kaidro will be more visible and and have more liquidity, thanks to Immutable. 

Along with the game, the team behind Kaidro also has plans to produce an animated TV show with Emmy Award-wining writer and producer Tim Hedrick, who wrote Voltron: Legendary Defender.