As a media partner, we want to announce and share the details of the next Hyper Games Conference!

Hyper Games Conference (HGC) is a business event that gathers game industry leaders from around the world together. In this event, game developers, game publishers, and staff from various game services share their knowledge, values, and beliefs about Web3 games and the mobile market (hyper-casual, casual, midcore, hardcore) with participants.

Since 2020, eleven events by the HGC team have been organized, and more than 20000 professionals, more than 5000 gaming brands, and more than 800 successful and talented speakers took their places in these events!

Hyper Games Conference #8: Global Edition will be held on 2-3 February, and this event will be online, so there is no problem with the event’s venue! In other words, you can participate in this event easily and get significant insights from important names in the gaming sector without transportation.

What awaits you at HGC #8: Global Edition?

Like the old events, the main conference topics of HGC #8 consist of games development, games publishing, games marketing (ad networks), success cases, and lectures and announcements from partners.

Also, Publisher Pitch and Investor Pitch will be available at this event.

Publisher Pitch: In this event, mobile publishers and developers get the chance to network and communicate with each other. The format of the event is 3-minute speed-dating. It will be held on 2 February, at 14:00-15:30 (GMT+2).

Investor Pitch: In this event, gaming brands and studios get the chance to find an investor or a strategic partner. It will be held on 3 February, 14:00-15:30 (GMT+2).

Hyper Games Conference #8: Global Edition is an amazing event for developing in Web3 gaming and networking, so you should not miss this event! You can check the tickets -the basic ticket is free while the premium one is for €49- of this event via this link.