The development team behind Search for Animera, an Ethereum-based Web3-native massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), announced the game’s launch on ImmutableX.

By teaming up with ImmutableX and implementing its platform to the project’s infrastructure, the developers of the game can make sure that players will benefit from high-speed transactions, the absence of gas fees for mining and trading, and the strength of Ethereum’s built-in security. The developers will gain from Immutable’s ZK (zero-knowledge) scaling solution, which has been around for more than two years and enables them to concentrate on presenting clients with a well-rounded and elegant final result.

A game themed on exploring the space

Search for Animera is a unique AAA galactic exploration and conquest MMORPG game which is developed on Unreal Engine 5. It presents a cosmic tale of discovery and is set in a far-off galaxy. Its aim is to capture and colonize unique worlds with diverse life types and abundant resources. This tale is presented in a breathtakingly realistic game world.

You can teleport players into outer space. A mixture of randomly generated and hand-crafted environments will be available for users to explore. While doing so, the Nubera galaxy, which is home to a diverse range of planets and life types, is being explored and colonized. Exploration Mode, Story Mode, and Star Siege Mode are three of the game modes available; each being customized to a certain character.

If you want to focus on a strategic gameplay, you can give a chance to Search for Animera! 

About ImmutableX

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