In a move that unites Metaverse gaming with esports, leading cross virtual running game, Runiverse is launching on ESL. 

This development shows the integration of Web3 gaming into traditional gaming. We will see that Runiverse join the popular games, like Counter-Strike and DOTA2 on the platform.

The duo announced that their first project together will kick off in June, so gamers should prepare for hardcore racing with real-time token market data. 

Runiverse’s smart contract technology is certified by Certik and assures gamers of security and transparency.

Commenting on the partnership, Gip Cutrino, the COO of Runiverse, shared that by joining forces with ESL, they hope to build a “novel integration” between both gaming worlds and influence other industries “beyond the gaming sector”.

ESL partners with Runiverse

Reasons for ESL

ESL is the ideal platform for Runiverse’s penetration into esports because it’s an industry leader in that regard. 

Founded in 2000, ESL is the largest and oldest esports company that is still operational. Its secure technologies contribute to its hosting for many competitive games. Also, the company boasts of a rich network of engaged and active gamers. 

From time to time, ESL sponsors an array of high-profile events, like the Snapdragon Pro Series, Intel Extreme Masters, and Pro Tour.

About Runiverse

Runiverse is a blend of blockchain and crypto gaming that offers entertainment while providing insights about the crypto market. The beta version was launched by Elite Token last year. 

This was to enable an all-in-one crypto platform accessible to mobile phones, metaverses, and influencers. The game’s distinctive tracks draw players in and fosters competition amongst players. 

Real-time price adjustments obtained from Quickswap and Binance decide the speed of your token-athletes. When the token price increases, your athlete-token also increases.

Final Thoughts

Metaverse games, like Runiverse, present a unique gaming experience where a player’s location is not a barrier. Different players from various regions around the world can now interact and socialize with each other. Asides that, players can create their own unique environment on the metaverse.

Therefore, Metaverse gaming is critical for expanding network and knowledge, creating a unique world, gaining money, and having fun. Due to the reality, we can say that the partnership between ESL and Runiverse will shine like a star for gamers.