After partnering with Square Enix, Elixir has successfully finalized a deal with GameStop, a significant player in the gaming industry. 

This partnership has given rise to GameStop Playr, an excellent gaming platform incorporating Elixir’s cutting-edge technology. The platform aims to grant users a wide range of top-quality games, setting a groundbreaking benchmark in gaming technology.

This collaboration aims to improve the discoverability and accessibility of Web3 games. It will provide the same ease of access enjoyed by traditional games. 

By working together, the duo can offer the chance to explore an exciting new genre of games. These will be made available on an immersive and captivating platform. 

Furthermore, Elixir Games will present its internally developed titles on GameStop Playr. This incorporation will add more depth and enjoyment to the gaming experience for users.

Carlos Roldan, the Founder and CEO of Elixir Games, enthusiastically conveyed his anticipation for the partnership. He affirmed that teaming up with GameStop to deliver top-notch games to their devoted audience and fanbase fills them with tremendous excitement.

These influential partnerships with Square Enix and GameStop demonstrate Elixir’s dedication to driving the adoption of Web3 gaming. They push the limits of what the gaming landscape can achieve. The commitment to shaping the gaming industry’s future is evident as Web3 gaming gains momentum. 

This collaboration holds enormous potential in seamlessly integrating Web3 technology into GameStop Playr. They bridge the divide between traditional and Web3 gaming and unlock a plethora of new opportunities for gamers worldwide.

About Elixir Games

Since its establishment in 2018, Elixir Games has maintained a leading position in the game distribution related to blockchain technology. Elixir Games offers developers and publishers a comprehensive system to construct or incorporate blockchain-based Web3 economies into their games. 

By enabling accessibility to blockchain and empowering players to become stakeholders in their beloved games, the company enhances engagement and unlocks fresh business and game models. 

The inclusive approach of the company facilitates the integration of blockchain technology. It will ultimately expanding the possibilities for developers and publishers to create immersive gaming experiences that drive innovation.