Today, we would like to announce the latest release by NeftyBlocks, but first you should know about NeftyBlocks a little bit!

NeftyBlocks is a user-friendly marketplace in which you can buy, distribute, and manage NFT collections. NeftyBlocks resides on the WAX blockchain, and you can create and sell your digital collectibles easily via the tools NeftyBlocks provides! The marketplace attaches great importance to the collector experience, so that any NFT artist can rely NeftyBlocks doubtlessly. Now, let’s learn about the newly launched NeftyMarket!

Going by the community-first vision of NeftyBlocks, every collection should have its own marketplace. Based on this thought, NeftyMarket was created. NeftyMarket is a place in which collectors can buy and sell NFTs. Today’s version of NeftyMarket is simple but useful.

From any collection page, collectors can globally list NFTs for sale. The listed NFTs on NeftyBlocks are also listed on all the Atomic Assets compliant marketplaces within the WAX ecosystem. In addition, collectors will be able to browse and buy NFTs globally by using powerful filtering options. On NeftyBlocks, individuals can purchase NFTs that are listed on all Atomic Assets compliant marketplaces of the WAX ecosystem. Most importantly, by buying and selling NFTs on the NeftyMarket, you can participate in NeftyBlocks’ Liquidity Mining Program. This means you get weekly $NEFTY rewards!

To celebrate the success, the team behind NeftyBlocks is arranging a launch party for the early buyers and sellers of NeftyBlocks. For the next two weeks, 150,000 $NEFTY is allocated in addition to the regular rewards allocation. These additional rewards come from NeftyBlocks’ marketing allocation, so the Liquidity Mining Program allocation as described in the whitepaper will not be affected in any way.

NeftyBlocks’ team emphasizes that the release is the only beginning, and they have many planned features. Moreover, they say that they will work hard to add these features one by one to the marketplace over the upcoming weeks. Thanks to the ambitious website redesign coming to NeftyMarket, you will also start noticing many tiny visual improvements in the upcoming days!