Suku, the pioneering Web3 company, has revolutionized the crypto world by introducing an innovative digital wallet. This state-of-the-art solution leverages Twitter handles as crypto addresses, seamlessly merging social media and cryptocurrency realms. 

With the help of Polygon, Suku has orchestrated an open-edition NFT mint in honor of Polygon 2.0’s release. In just 48 hours, users effortlessly created more than 50,000 NFTs by tweeting and mentioning Suku and Polygon.

Following their tweets, users obtained the NFT by downloading the Suku Wallet Chrome extension or visiting the wallet’s website. There, they were able to log in by using their Twitter handles. This optimized tactic boosts user involvement with NFTs, further fueling the explosive growth of the flourishing NFT market.

The impact of this groundbreaking invention is evident. It has garnered an astonishing 48,000 downloads since its inception, causing ripples across the digital landscape.

Yonathan Lapchik, Suku’s CEO, expresses the company’s vision to streamline the crypto onboarding process, making it as effortless as possible. This vision revolves around avoiding the necessity of “connecting a wallet” initially.

Lapchik emphasizes that Suku will prioritize attracting non-crypto users, assuming that most individuals do not possess a wallet. This phase’s primary objective is promptly providing a wallet to any new user.

Suku’s plan to drive adoption involves covering all gas fees that users typically face when sending or receiving payments. They are commencing their crypto payments journey by targeting Twitter and intend to integrate with other social media platforms. Twitter, in its own right, aspires to transform into a payments application. 

However, Lapchik mentioned that developing a decentralized payment system solely within one centralized application is challenging. Therefore, Suku must expand to other platforms to enable users to uphold a comprehensive social graph.

 Yonathan Lapchik stated that: 

“If you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn all day, you don’t want to have a payment system for each one – you only want to have one that connects to all social media platforms. That’s exactly what we do, and when you top that off with being noncustodial and easy to use and easy to onboard, I think that’s a great formula.” 

About Suku

Suku empowers everyday users and creators with intuitive decentralized tools, enabling them to harness the complete capabilities of Web3 effortlessly. 

Through the Suku Protocol, each social account receives a fully functional Web3 wallet, facilitating seamless utilization of Web3 across their preferred platforms. There is no complicated setup or seed phrases required – just a simple social media login.