The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency has moved forward with its intentions to set up a new unit to tackle crimes associated with cryptocurrencies. This unit, called the National Cyber Crime Unit Crypto Cell, will start out with five officers already in the UK’s NCCU.

All You Need To Know About The NCCU

The UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) is a law enforcement unit within the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA). It is in charge of investigating cyberthreats as well as assisting other UK security agencies in their measures to combat cybercrime. 

The NCCU collaborates with authorities, law enforcement, and industry stakeholders to define and thwart cybercrime infrastructures. It also protects citizens, organizations, and facilities in the United Kingdom from cyber threats. 

The NCCU’s expertise and capabilities include cyber forensics, network management, and technical and explorative support. It is also in charge of overseeing the UK’s national response to significant cybersecurity threats and providing cybercrime guidance and support to other law enforcement agencies.

A New Crypto Cell Is Born!

In accordance with a recently released correspondence, the NCA will provide support to current and new inquiries that require specialized knowledge and experience in the field. The government body will also proactively increase its efforts in picking out prospective targets for further examination.

A representative of the UK’s NCA remarked that the agency’s interest in curbing crypto crime is nothing new. The NCA has long since been consistently involved in investigations regarding crypto assets as they have been prominent in the cybercrime world.

However, the development of the NCCU Crypto Cell represents an increased drive on regulating cryptocurrencies. Individuals interested in joining the new crime prevention unit must have experience in carrying out blockchain forensic investigation. The deadline for applying for a position in the unit is January 10 and the salary is between £40,209 – £43,705.

The UK Renews Its Efforts In Hunting Down Crypto Criminals

The announcement comes as the United Kingdom strengthens its public sector in order to limit the ability of cryptocurrencies to fuel nefarious activities. Four months ago, the country’s parliament inaugurated the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill. The bill was established to expand the police force’s capacities over crypto to close in on criminals exploiting the UK’s open economy. 

Since he got into office, the prime minister Rishi Sunak has driven the UK’s government towards monitoring crypto activities. While he was serving as the country’s finance minister, he shared his efforts to make the UK “a global crypto assets hub.”