1. First of all, could you tell us about yourself a little bit, about the person behind ConsonantDesign?

Sure. Name’s Kam, aged 28 and from New Zealand.

Passionate about all things tech!

I’ve achieved multiple diplomas in 3D graphics and animation leading to experience in a commercial animation studio, but it wasn’t always 3D for me… Read on for my journey!

2. How did you find yourself in the world of NFT after a career in CGI and 3D in studios? What urged you to embark on this journey?

I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs, including the humble beginnings as a McDonald’s employee!

Unfortunately, the studio journey came to a sudden halt due to the deeply unfortunate and untimely passing away of the founder of the studio I was working for.

When life gives you lemons, you turn them into… A Market Research career? This was the next career choice I turned to. I decided I needed to try something different for a bit.

You need constant passion and artistic drive to succeed in a studio, it can feel a bit mechanical churning out productions at times.

Eventually, the novelty of surveys in market research wore off and the desire to create returned. I’d been hearing about NFTs for a while and did some research. The NFT and blockchain space is exciting, akin to the dawn of the internet all over again! I decided to share my re-found passion with the world via WAX/AtomicHub.

3. Where did the idea of creating cute 3D creatures hatch from? (Pun intended)

The dad jokes are real, hahaha!
From Pokemon, Digimon, video games and just general experimentation with NFTs and blend mechanics. I’m always trying to create something new and interesting for my audience. A lot of thought and time usually goes into my productions.

4. What kind of art do you think is likely to have the most impact in the world of NFT?

Honestly, I think it’s hard to judge as from my perspective, we are still in the infancy of NFT and blockchain technology. There’s a lot of potential for expansion within this newfound space. The community is changing and adapting rapidly. I think there is appreciation out there for all sorts of art forms and projects.

5.  Do you have any favourite creatures in your collection and why?

Hmm. I enjoy them all, but every time I create a new one, it’s usually my newest favourite at that point in time! Haha. I’d certainly be interested to hear the answer to the question from you and the community though.

6.  What are your thoughts on the impact of NFTs in the art world?

I think it’s generally positive. It’s the art of our generation. A collaboration of technology and creativity. It’s even beginning to evolve to incorporate utility and varied real-world uses. No telling where it takes us next!

7.  Do you plan on releasing another exciting collection in the near future? If so, could you share the details with us?

There’s always something new and different coming from the ConsonantDesign project. I can’t commit any announcements to stone, but I am constantly evolving ideas and drafts. There is possibly something musical in the works, alongside a multitude of other works in progress, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

8. Are there any NFT artists or collections that you like?

There are so many creative works out there, I enjoy a lot of works where I can see that the time and effort has been put in to create something substantial and of quality. I’ve been really impressed with your own latest creations; the ‘Olympians’. The theming and overall aesthetic is on point. I like the way Frazel engages with the community with his collectables from ‘Food Monsters’ to all of his other collections and projects, and of course, who doesn’t like a good ol’ Moonie?

9. Do you plan on adding more designs to your merchandise?

If I ever get the time! It’s more of just a cute side project for now for anyone that wants to have a physical product of the original Season One designs, but we’ll see where the road takes us.

10. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

I’d like to welcome any NFT or blockchain interested people to come hang out with us on our shared Discord; The Online Inn! We are constantly growing and having events/giveaways there with our amazing community. We have tons of projects from a lot of creators. Feel free to come and say hello to me personally in the ConsonantDesign channel, I’m usually around and love to engage with the community.  Links to it and more are available on my LinkTree; https://linktr.ee/ConsonantDesign