MetaMask has released the MetaMask SDK which will allow game developers to connect their games to their MetaMask wallet. 

The MetaMask SDK, which was launched on the Unity Asset Store, comes with several Web3-supporting features that will enable direct user interaction with games.

What is an SDK?

An SDK (the long version: Software Development Kit) is a collection of software development tools and resources that are provided to developers to help them create software applications for a particular platform or operating system. 

SDKs typically include libraries, APIs, and other tools to simplify the development process.

Unity integrates MetaMask SDK into its asset store

Unity made an announcement on February 28 to add a new category page tagged “Decentralization” in the Unity Asset Store. The new category would include a list of what was regarded as “vetted crypto platforms” that would help developers interested in integrating decentralization into their gaming projects. MetaMask is one of the 13 vetted crypto platforms that made their way onto the Unity Asset Store.

Solana, Tezos, and ImmutableX have also added their SDKs to the asset store. These new additions will support developers who wish to develop their projects on the Ethereum network. 

These SDKs will also help developers change the models of ownership in their gaming projects and allow gamers to create or earn in-game collectibles. Subsequently, Unity has stated that these resources can be bought or sold.

A powerful feature of the MetaMask SDK is that it supports the development of Web3-compatible games. Hence, this new tool will allow developers to create fun games, and it will also allow gamers to connect with the Web3 ecosystem. 

MetaMask will continue offering exciting products, including a new Web3 early adopter program.