Axie Infinity is rewarding 50 Facebook and Twitch streamers with 300 AXS.

This was announced on Axie Infinity’s Twitter page on February 18th, and it’s live!

Axie Infinity recognizes that its streamers have played an essential role in building their gaming community and in the success they’ve recorded. These streamers are amazing independent creators who provide entertainment, regular gameplay content, and educational content to strengthen the community and attract new Lunacians (die-hard Axie fans). 

So, the team is excited to give back to their fans and empower them to shine in this world.

This streamers reward is a trial phase and will provide data for future benefits and rewards the team will be rolling out. This first step is part of the Axie Creator program, and the team’s future plans include more Axie titles, creative rewards, and other perks you wouldn’t want to miss!

The top 50 streamers with the MOST STREAMED HOURS will be enrolled into a tiered raffle. Every creator within the (top 50) rank will get randomized prizes within that tier.

Tiered raffle prizing for the Streamer Rewards, Source: Axie Infinity

To participate:

  • You must be streaming on Facebook or Twitch.
  • Your stream history must be visible – so enable your videos. 
  • You must stream under the “Axie Infinity” game category.
  • You must be playing Axie Homeland or Axie Origins.

Here’s how to join:

Fill out the Twitch Entry Form or Facebook Entry Form to enter. Deadline for Twitch form submission is February 25. Facebook can be submitted until March 4/5.

Kindly note that due to Facebook’s stream analytics, you’re required to submit a Facebook entry form after every stream to enable the Axie Infinity team to track your progress.

Axie Infinity Streamers reward is currently on and will run till March 4, 2023 (7:00 PM EST).

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About Axie Infinity

One of the leading play-to-earn blockchain games, Axie Infinity is a game where gamers battle cute monsters and develop the gameplay. Since its release in 2018, it has gained massive popularity and experienced a huge success despite critics’ opposition to their business model.

Axie Infinity relies on its creators to make the game intriguing and so is happy to reward them generously. In the future, the team hopes to give its users total control over the Axie’s governance.